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This years Boat race will happen July 13th!!!

Our restaurant facilities and apartments can be booked all year. 
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Conditions for renting cabins and apartments

Bookings and reservations are invoiced by Trysnes Brygge (Trysnes Brygge AS) and must be paid no later than 30 days before arrival. If canceled before the deadline of 30 days in advance, the full amount will be refunded with the exception of an administration fee of NOK. 500, –
Bookings made closer than 30 days before arrival, the full amount must be paid when booking. However, we point out that non-payment is not accepted as a cancellation. This must be done in writing and within the deadline. Otherwise, the tenant is financially responsible. If the stay is not paid for by the deadline, the apartment will be considered vacant again for new rental.
The key / code will only be handed out when the payment in full has been registered with.

Order / confirmation
The person / company the booking is registered on is responsible for the entire tenancy and everyone in the travel party. The client is financially responsible for the entire order, including payment of the entire rental amount in total and any compensation for damage that may occur. An order is binding whether it is made in writing, via online booking, telephone, email or orally. The lease agreement is confirmed via e-mail from Trysnes Brygge. Any changes or cancellations after this must be made in writing in accordance with the section on Cancellation / Changes.
Normally there is a 23 year age limit for renting a holiday apartment. There are discrepancies, where some homes may have a higher or lower age limit.
Trysnes Brygge (Trysnes Brygge AS) reserves the right to post-invoice any claims.

Cancellation / Changes
The tenant can cancel or change their stay no later than 30 days before arrival for a fee of NOK 500. The administration fee of 500, – will not be refunded if canceled. Bookings made later than 30 days before arrival are binding.
In case of cancellation / change of stay later than 30 days before arrival, the tenant is 100% financially responsible according to entered into a lease agreement.
All cancellations and changes must be made in writing via e-mail or letter, where any account information must appear. The cancellation is only valid if it is confirmed by Trysnes Brygge (Trysnes Brygge AS)
Failure to pay is not a valid cancellation.

The holiday home
The holiday home is rented out according to the information contained in the presentation. Please note that typical seasonal facilities (eg boat, outdoor furniture, barbecue, etc.) are not necessarily available all year round. Smoking is not allowed in our holiday homes.

Number of people
The holiday home is only equipped and calculated for the number of people stated in the presentation. If the holiday home is used by more people than it is intended for, without the approval of Trysnes Brygge (Trysnes Brygge AS), it will have financial consequences for the tenant.

If you bring pets, you must always be notified and agreed on this in advance. Then the tenant is charged an additional fee of NOK. 500, – (pet supplement)
In the event of a “trampling”, the tenant is charged NOK 1,500. Animals must not stay in furniture, and they must not be left alone in the holiday home. Dogs must be kept on a leash outdoors, and leftovers must be removed. If brought pets cause damage to the holiday home, the tenant is liable for compensation.

Rules of order
The tenant and his travel companion are obliged to comply with the rules of order and follow the instructions for use found in the holiday home. Normal standard of calm and order must also be followed. Trysnes Brygge is a family place and the apartments are next door. Loud noise or music can quickly be annoying to the neighbor. We therefore encourage all our guests to show consideration for each other. At Trysnes Brygge there will be peace between 23.00 and 07.00.

The apartment must be left in a tidy condition as it was on arrival, so that it is ready for final cleaning. Garbage and glass bottles must be deposited in the designated place in containers by the hall on the other side of the road. Dishwasher must be switched on. The beds should be made up, and without bedding. Used rented bed linen and towels must be removed on departure and placed in the entrance / outer corridor. The tenant must provide daily cleaning during the stay. Vacuum cleaner can be borrowed by contacting the reception if necessary. Smoking is prohibited in the apartments and near open windows. Show consideration for your holiday neighbor. Remember they also paid for their stay.

 The tenant must also ensure that the holiday home is left in a properly locked and undamaged condition. Should an accident occur, report to the reception or by phone 48994222 immediately. The outdoor area must be cleared before departure.

All tenants, and those to whom the tenants give access to the rental object, are subject to the same house rules. The tenant is held responsible for breaches of the house rules made by visitors, guests or others to whom the tenant has given access or who are there as a result of something the tenant has initiated.

Missing at the rental object
If damage or defects are discovered on arrival at the holiday home, it must be reported immediately at the reception or by phone 48994222, and photos taken. If the tenant arrives at an apartment that is not satisfactorily cleaned on arrival, does not automatically give the right not to clean the cabin properly before departure.

Arrival and Departure
The rental period starts at 15:00 arrival day and ends at. 11.00 departure day, if no other information is provided. If arrival will not take place on the first day of the rental period, or in case of late arrival, this must be agreed separately with the landlord.

Cancellation protection
When entering into a rental agreement, it is possible to purchase a cancellation protection. Price for this protection is NOK 500. The protection applies if a tenancy has to be canceled due to acute illness, accidental injury or death, and if this affects the tenant or the tenant’s immediate family (including spouse / cohabitant, children, parents and grandparents). In such cases, the rental amount can be refunded against documentation from a doctor, less an administration fee of NOK 500. When two or more families travel together, the protection covers each family’s share of the rent. If the order applies to groups of friends, the protection covers each tenant’s share of the rent.